RFID, the technology that enables digitisation of the supply chain

Many success stories are heard of RFID implementation in supply chains as complex as those of companies such as INDITEX, BOSCH, or AUDI where they have substantially improved the tracking and traceability in their supply chain.

At Myruns, we are seeing an increasing number of companies that choose to optimise their supply chain through RFID, whatever their industry.

The inevitable questions presented by a Manager of Operations, Quality, or Logistics, depending on who assumes that responsibility in your company, are as follows:

Can RFID provide a substantial improvement in the management of our supply chain?

RFID is an identification technology that enables automated product identification. This significantly expedites the identification of products when accounting for stock in shipments, receipts, and in the warehouse.

RFID is a technology that does not require a physical visualisation to make an effective identification, allowing readings to be obtained without the need to de-palletise or open boxes.

The above benefits, combined with the development of digital visualisation tools, enable real-time tracking of readings permitting an updated registration of stock accounting as well as the early detection of storage and dispatch errors.

What is the cost of implementing RFID technology in my supply chain?

The application of RFID technology in this field is aimed at innovating the process and optimising the logistic and storage costs. For this reason, the study of economic feasibility is generally considered in terms of profitability.

From Myruns, we help to carry out this study and try to implement the RFID technology by focusing on those points in the supply chain where the RFID can have a more significant impact on the business profitability.

Will it mean a dramatic change in our operations? Will I be able to involve my customers and suppliers in the introduction of a new technology and management methodology?

The implementation of the RFID technology doesn’t represent a significant change from the use of bar codes in the labelling operation. The RFID tags can be purchased in paper form and the logistics printers can be purchased with a coding system that allows easy and automated coding at the time of printing each label on the roll.

Where can we begin to see the feasibility of utilising the RFID in my business?

Myruns is highly specialised in the development and implementation of the RFID technologies and solutions in supply chains. Please contact info@myruns.com so that we can advise you on the feasibility and suitability of using RFID in your business.

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