RFID Products

by Myruns

The sum of the components makes up the RFID system. At Myruns, we design and develop our own components.


Each tag design responds to the particular requirements of use in different applications and formats.

See MR Tags
lector rfid

RFID readers

Read processors designed and developed in-house adapted to different requirements.

See MR Readers
antena rfid

RFID Antennas

Designed in various materials for use in different applications.

See MR Antennas
modulo rfid

RFID Modules

Advanced modules for the development and integration of RFID readers.

See MR Modules
Multiplexor rfid

RFID Multiplexers

It's a product designed to increase the coverage of RFID reads, offering a high-performance alternative to perform RFID reads.

See MR Multiplexers

RFID Hangtags and Care Labels

RFID Hangtags and Care Label Tags attached to items for sale and product care labels with RFID.

See MR Hangtags

RFID Software

Coding and reader viewing tools

Products by market

All our products are designed and developed for specific applications.


Products designed and developed specifically for the fashion sector. Solutions for labelling textiles, footwear, and accessories.

See fashion products


Products designed and developed specifically for the Industrial sector. Solutions for metallic labelling.

See products of industry
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