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RFID System

A reading system consisting of:


RFID tags

It is a flexible, adhesive, wireless device that has a unique electronic code stored on an IC or microchip for its automated, remote identification.


Reading system

It is a system consisting of a reading processor (reader) and an antenna or antennas whose function is to emit a radio frequency signal which, when reflected from the label, collects the information (identification code) from the label.


Reading solution

Its purpose is to adapt the RFID technology to the medium or application. The reading solution can result in multiple options: Reading arc, reading posts, reading tunnel, integrated to shelves, furniture, or even briefcases.


RFID Software

Is a software that allows you to interact and communicate with the RFID technology. Through different connectivity solutions, the RFID Software can be controlled remotely and in real time. In addition to displaying the data, it can also interact with the reading system (change reading frequencies, change reading intensities, etc.).