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Myruns Solutions

In Myruns, we connect your supply chain. Get the automated traceability of your products, remotely, and in real time.


Control and management of each link of the chain

In Myruns, we connect your supply chain. Get the automated traceability of your products, remotely, and in real time.


Raw material

  • Real-time raw material stock monitoring tools with alerts

Production centre

  • Production status monitoring tools.
  • Productivity study tools

Logistics Centre

  • Automated warehouse entry and exit control systems.
  • Dispatch error alert system.


  • Accounting system for stock available for sale.
  • Stock alert system for a logistics centre.


Digitisation of traceability in the procurement and manufacturing processes. Get complete control over your factory flows.

  • Get automated raw material stock control management and connect your tracking control to your suppliers for advanced raw material sourcing management.
  • Track production in real time and remotely track the existing stock of the product in progress in your manufacturing phases.

Warehouse and Logistics

Real-time and error-free information on finished product stock without loss of time.

  • Perform an automated, real-time control of stock available in the warehouse without any effort.
  • Control the location of warehouse stock by favouring chaotic systems
  • Perform intelligent stock management with minimum stock alerts.
  • Instantly intercept errors made in the preparation of dispatches and shipping.


The product that is not exposed is not sold

  • Easily monitor and be informed in real-time about the stock available on display.
  • Connect the generated sales information to the rest of your supply chain for an intelligent in-store stand provisioning and replenishment

Your connected business

It favours omnichannel retailing

Connects the supply chain to the customer and achieves good synchronisation with him while optimising the response times

Connected supply chain

Improves the communication between the supply chain links.

Optimises the stock control times

More agile control processes without the need to unpack the incoming material and shipments and to account for them one by one. Automated and instant posting to accounts.

No accounting entry errors

Accurate and error-free posting to accounts

Improved productivity

Provides information on non-productive times.

Prevents stock breakage

Enables automated stock control and permits the generation of low stock alerts.


Examples of success


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