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Leaders in traceability solutions based on RFID technology

RFID technology is multi-purpose for multiple applications, and its use is very similar in supply chains for practically any activity, both globally and specifically in production, logistics, and retail processes as indicated below:

Supply chain management

RFID technology allows the supply chain to be digitised and therefore, to be totally controlled. Synchronising the links of the supply chain is essential for the perfect coordination between the parts of the supply chain. Achieve a supply chain that is connected to sales.

Control of the production processes

RFID is one of the leading technologies in the Industry 4.0. It enables real-time tracking of products in progress in their phases and can provide productivity data. RFID is an ideal technology 

Accounting for stock in a warehouse

Avoid non-productive times by accounting for raw materials, products in progress, or finished products in stock, which is a pending task in many companies. Why waste time accounting for stock if RFID does it automatically?

Real-time retail management

The product not available for sale is a lost sale. Extensive control of products on display is crucial to commercial activity. RFID allows the full control of products available in retail.