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RFID technology designed and developed, ad hoc, for your company


We were born with passion

In 2014, Myruns emerged with the formation of a team of telecommunications and electronic engineers specialised in the design and development of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and their passion for running.

The technological capability, coupled with the great passion for sport, resulted in the start being to design special RFID products for sports timing. Hence the brand Myruns was born.

Today, Myruns is a company with 100% national capital focused on the design, development, and sale of RFID technologies and solutions applied to industry, logistics, retail, and supply chains in general, without leaving aside the timing market.


Each step under control

Myruns applies its specialised knowledge of RFID technology and products

  • Disruptive RFID technology designed and developed in-house
  • Sale of hardware components (tags, readers, and antennas)
  • Engineering, manufacturing, and implementation of solutions for each customer
  • Advice on the use and best practices of RFID
  • Innovation in materials that enhance the sustainability of RFID technology